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Glass used for Cars

Glass used for Cars

Glass for automotive applications refers to the glass that is used in automobiles, in places such as the front and rear windscreens, side windows and sunroofs. This type of glass requires special workmanship, because it must be good at preventing objects entering the vehicle from the outside, while still maintaining a high level of visibility to make driving easier and not causing injuries in the event of a collision. The Ikeda Glass Group is working to develop glass for automotive applications that has a high degree of safety, such as laminated glass and tempered glass, to meet our customer’s requirements and the every-changing needs of modern life.

Plate glass assembly for automotive applications.

Please entrust us with your assembly requirements (assembling and fitting components) for glass for automotive applications. Ikeda Glass also undertakes assembly work for glass for automotive applications (front and rear windscreens, side windows and sunroofs, and so on). We pass strict standards to support direct delivery to production lines, by assembling various components at the customized facilities that we have developed for various types of special glass (such laminated glass and tempered glass) that are made up of cubic curved surfaces.

Ohta Factory of Ikeda Glass Co.

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Description Ohta factory was specially established just for car windows in 1969. All the car windows with metal fittings put on are delivered to Fuji Heavy Industries LTD's factory.