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Glass used for Architecture

You can order any type of glass boards for architecture from Ikeda Glass Co. such as a huge glass of 10 meter x 3 meter and, to the contrary, a small one to take in sunlight. We can also provide Insulated glass for heat and sound proof and Tempered glass for withstanding heat and impact. Our factories are so automated that we can deal with short notice for the delivery, quick response, and various manufacture.

The Sayama Branch was established in 1971 to act as a wholesale distributor of glass for architectural applications, and to undertake glass installation for a range of construction projects, from detached houses through to large scale projects such as apartment blocks and office buildings.

The sales area for the Sayama Branch covers the entire Kanto region, supporting a wide range of customers, including both local construction companies and major construction companies.

Section of Sales promotion, Sayama Branch, Ikeda Glass Co.

TEL 042-952-8236
Description The section was formed in December, 1998. The best ideas and advice will be given to the customers; our goal is to satisfy their request.